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SSI has thousands of used & refurbished IBM parts

IBM parts


imon Systems carries a very large inventory of IBM used & refurbished parts. All parts are tested before shipment. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and the best prices you’ll find! Some of our parts are featured in our eBay store as well. We look forward to assisting you for your computer part needs. Please call or email us for a quote today.
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We sell new & refurbished IBM parts for the machines listed below:


IBM 9373 ES9370 Processor IBM 2042 Fibre Channel Director
IBM 9375 ES9370 Processor IBM 3420 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
IBM 9377 ES9370 Processor IBM 3422 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
IBM 9121 ES9000 Processor IBM 3480 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
IBM 9221 ES9000 Processor IBM 3490 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
IBM 2003 Multiprise 2000 IBM 3590 Total Storage Enterprise Tape System
IBM 3006 System 390 Integrated Server IBM 3262 Line Printer
IBM 7060 System 390 Multiprise 3000 IBM 3268 Printer
IBM 9672 System 390 Parallel Enterprise Server IBM 3287 Printer
IBM 2064 eServer zSeries 900 IBM 4245 Impact Line Printer
IBM 2066 eServer zSeries 800 IBM 6262 Impact Line Printer
IBM 2084 eServer zSeries 990 IBM 2105 Enterprise Storage Server
IBM 2086 eServer zSeries 890 IBM 9343 Storage Controller
IBM 2094 System z9 Enterprise Class IBM 9345 DASD
IBM 2096 System z9 Business Class IBM 9392 RAMAC Array DASD
IBM 2097 System z10 Enterprise Class IBM 9393 RAMAC Virtual Array
IBM 2098 System z10 Business Class IBM 9394 RAMAC Array Subsystem
IBM 3745 Communications Controller IBM 9395 RAMAC Array DASD
IBM 3746 Nways Controller IBM 3172 Interconnect Controller
IBM 9037 Sysplex Timer IBM 3274 Establishment Controller